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Why Custom Orthotics Are Better Than Over-the-Counter Shoe Inserts

Have you looked at the orthotic inserts in the drugstore and wondered whether they would help with your foot or back pain? You may have even purchased these over-the-counter solutions. Although retail inserts can bring a bit of relief for some people, it’s best to choose custom orthotics for several reasons.

1. Getting the right fit

Over-the-counter shoe inserts cannot possibly fit every type of shoe you wear. Orthotic inserts deliver the best results when they are custom-designed with both your feet and your footwear in mind. Getting inserts that are custom-made for your feet also means you won’t need to trim excess material to fit narrow heels or worry about too tight of a fit as with one-size-fits-all inserts.

The shoes you wear at work fit very differently from the athletic shoes you wear when you run or go to the gym. A podiatrist takes both your shoes and the needs of your body into consideration when developing your custom orthotics.

2. Addressing multiple issues at once

Shoe inserts need to address several issues to be effective. Makers of retail shoe inserts design them for the masses. Even though you can choose from several varieties, they are still very generic.

You have specific needs — such as with your toes, arch, heel area, or a combination of these — and customized orthotic inserts are designed to address all of your foot issues adequately. A custom-designed insert provides support where you need reinforcement and cushion where you need comfort.

3. Providing critical balance for athletes

Custom orthotic inserts work to relieve pain and provide proper support for your body. But athletes seek additional benefits in their shoe inserts.

A study reported in the Journal of Human Kinetics concluded that imbalance can affect an athlete’s performance and have damaging effects on the body. Proper balance improves agility, while imbalance can lead to ankle injuries and injuries from falls.

According to a study in the Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine, athletes using custom orthotics showed significant improvement in their balance over those who used rehabilitation exercise alone.

4. Relieving ankle pain

Your feet are the foundation of your skeletal structure. Imbalance and lack of proper support to your feet affect the ankle joint above them.

A study in the Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine concluded that orthotic inserts, customized for your feet and body, provide stability to your ankles, reducing pain. This stable foundation relieves stress on the joints above your feet, which is caused by an insufficient amount of support.

5. Improving circulation for diabetics

The fluctuation in blood sugar that comes with diabetes can damage nerves and blood vessels in your feet. People with diabetes have an increased risk of disease, infection, and injury to their feet as a result.

Custom-fitted orthotics can improve the circulation in your feet, and they help prevent medical issues such as neuropathy and foot tissue damage in people with diabetes.

At Achilles Foot Care, we would be happy to discuss the benefits of customized orthotic inserts. During your fitting appointment, we address your overall health, any pain or problems with your feet and mobility, and also what types of shoes you wear.

Using over-the-counter shoe inserts can sometimes create more problems than they solve. Don’t waste money on inserts that weren’t designed to fit you. Schedule a consultation today.

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