Reduce Your Flat Feet Pain With HyProCure Surgery

As many as 30 percent of people have a common foot deformity known as "flat feet." Many people have flat feet with no complications, whereas others experience severe pain and other related conditions. If you are in pain, know that there is a minimally invasive solution that works.

Let's explore this condition and how HyProCure surgery can reduce the pain.

What are flat feet?

It's a condition in which the entire bottom of your foot touches the ground when you stand. This doesn't sound so bad, does it? But you know better if your flat feet has caused you pain.

In a "normal" foot, the inside-bottom of the foot has an arch that lifts off the ground, providing a spring in your step. It absorbs some of the impact of jumping, running, and even walking.

Young children are born with flat feet. The arch typically develops after the fifth birthday. Some children may not develop an arch in their feet. But most often the condition of flat feet develops later in life, hence its nickname "fallen arches."

The condition may be more pronounced on one side and can lead to several complications in some individuals. 

What complications do people with flat feet experience?

If the condition isn't giving you problems, then you generally don't need to treat it. But other people experience pain in their feet. The fallen arches may also lead to misalignments in the knees, hips, back, and the foot itself. You may experience pain in other places that can be traced back to the alignment of your feet. You might also develop other foot disorders because of the extra strain on your feet.

In addition to the pain, many people with flat feet struggle with weight gain. It's harder to exercise when even walking is painful.

What causes flat feet?

The condition occurs because the tendon that holds the arch up doesn't develop or it weakens from overuse, excess weight or simply age. Flat feet may also be the result of:

Who's at increased risk for flat feet?

Studies have been able to closely link this condition with:

Are you unsure if you have flat feet? You can find out by stepping into a pan of cold water. Then step normally onto concrete or another surface where the water will cause discoloration.

If the print looks like a whole foot, you may have fallen arches. If it appears to have a curve cut out of the inside of the foot, you probably don't. Your pain may be caused by another foot condition. 

Either way, you need to get a real diagnosis at Achilles Foot Care to confirm it.

How Dr. Patrick D. Roberto treats flat feet pain

Dr. Patrick D. Roberto performs HyProCure surgery on those who have pain associated with the condition. He inserts a titanium rod to realign your ankle and heel. This procedure is a much less invasive alternative to cutting bones, fusing joints, or using other surgical methods to correct flat feet.

This minimally invasive procedure prevents the arch collapse while reducing strain on the joints and tendons.

What can you expect after surgery?

Your recovery time is fast compared to other procedures. In most cases, you're up and walking around within a couple of weeks. Compare that with the potential six-month recovery time of some other procedures for fallen arches. 

The titanium stent is designed to feel like an extension of your own foot system. You might feel some tightness at first while your body adjusts. But generally, after a few months, most people can't feel it at all.

Are you ready to reduce your foot pain? Book online today.

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