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Do you want to resolve your bunion discomfort with surgery that allows you to return to your daily activities quickly? With the convenience of offices in Delmont, Pennsylvania, highly-qualified podiatrist Dr. Patrick D. Roberto of Achilles Footcare strives to assist you by providing you long-term alleviation of bunion pain. Contact one of Dr. Roberto's offices today to schedule an appointment to gain relief from your bunion discomfort quickly.

Bunion Surgery Q & A

What are the causes and symptoms of bunions?

A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint below your big toe. Some bunions are caused by arthritis, while others are caused by foot stress when your big toe consistently pushes against the toe beside it.

Bunions can also be formed on your little toe, which is referred to as a “tailor’s bunion”.

As your bunion becomes more inflamed, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Red, painful joints
  • Swelling
  • Developing bumps on the base of your foot joints

You may also notice that the skin alongside your toes begin to tingle or feel numb.

Wearing comfortable fitting shoes will help to alleviate pain from bunions, while wearing shoes that are too tight are likely to trigger an increase in your foot discomfort. By calling Dr. Roberto at Achilles Footcare, you can find the most rapid relief from your bunion pain.

Can my bunion be treated without surgery?

Depending on the severity of your bunion and the remaining flexibility of your joints, Dr. Roberto may recommend physical therapy or wearing a brace or splint temporarily to ease your discomfort. Wearing a splint or brace at night helps guide your bones in the afflicted foot back into their normal position.

He may also prescribe over-the-counter pain relief, or anti-inflammatory drugs for your bunion without suggesting the need for surgery.

What type of surgery can be performed for bunions?

Bunion formation is often due to a deformity in the rotation of the metatarsal, also called a frontal-plane deformity. Dr. Roberto is certified to correct your frontal plane deformity by performing Lapiplasty® surgery.

Instead of leaving you disappointed with a two-dimensional procedure — and a high risk of a recurrence — advanced instrumentation allows Dr. Roberto to implement a three-dimensional bunion-correction procedure, realigning your bone back into its normal alignment, followed by fusing your joints together with titanium plates.

Dr. Roberto understands that you want to return to full mobility as quickly and efficiently as possible. This quick procedure leaves you with minimal pain, while also preventing you from developing a recurring bunion.

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How long will you need to remain off your feet after Lapiplasty surgery?

Your resting time will vary depending on your circumstances, however in most cases — with the assistance of a CAM boot for 4-6 weeks — you can typically expect to be able to bear weight on your foot almost IMMEDIATELY after surgery.  

In individual circumstances, 2-3 weeks is required for total recovery after surgery. For those who play sports, in about four months you can expect to return to your athletic hobby with full healing.  

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