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If you’re tired of your flat feet and a variety of related body aches, then consider HyProCure® flat feet surgery from a podiatrist like Dr. Patrick D. Roberto in the greater Pittsburgh area. Make an appointment online or by phone with Achilles Foot Care for a one-on-one consultation at the Delmont, Pennsylvania office. It’s a surprisingly simple procedure with incredible, permanent results.

HyProCure Flat Feet Surgery Q & A

What is HyProCure flat feet surgery?

HyProCure surgery for flat feet involves inserting a titanium stent into your sinus tarsi (a space between two foot bones and a ligament) to realign your ankle and heel bones.

It’s an innovative alternative to traditional reconstruction surgery because there are no bone cuts, joint fuses, tendon transfers, pins, plates, or in-bone screws.

Apart from being a minimally invasive surgery option, there are many other benefits to HyProCure treatment:

  • Prevents your arch from collapsing
  • Lowers strain to your plantar fascia by 33%
  • Lowers strain on your posterior tibial tendon by 51%
  • Lowers joint forces on your heel by 24%
  • Lowers pressure on your bottom nerves
  • Provides a quick recovery

What are flat feet?

Flat feet is a chronic condition in which your ankle and heel bones move out of alignment, and your sinus tarsi collapses, dropping your foot’s arch.

Symptoms of flat feet may include:

  • Knee, hip, or back pain
  • Shin splints
  • Growing pains
  • Weight gain
  • Bunions, hammer toe, or plantar fasciitis (a type of heel pain)

How does HyProCure flat feet surgery work?

First, Dr. Roberto administers a general or local anesthesia, then makes a little incision to your skin above your sinus tarsi. He inserts the titanium stent into this natural space in your foot, and your surrounding tissue easily mends around it for a secure, permanent placement.

The stent allows a full range of motion and helps properly distribute weight across your foot and body. The entire procedure takes roughly 20 minutes. On rare occasions, you may need additional surgery for best results.

What is HyProCure surgery recovery like?

Most men and women don’t feel the implant at all. You may feel a hardening in the treatment area, but it’s just the scar tissue forming, and any discomfort disappears after a few months. Thankfully, your scar is small and fades over time.

You can start wearing shoes again in a few days or weeks, and you can walk perfectly fine within a few weeks, but your whole foot may take several months to fully adjust. Expect success, since about 94% of men and women never need to have the titanium stent removed.

Call or book an appointment online today to see if HyProCure surgery is right for you.